I become engaged. A project is begun.  And some are finished and some are never finished. The portfolios below caught my eys and are at least finished enough to share. Categorizing this work is problematic.  My personal work is more metaphorical and exploratory than my commercial work. This quote by sarkowski, Photography Curator at MOMA has helped guide my vision.


" It's not a matter of knowing what you mean and then thinking

of a way to say it. It's a way of discovering in the process of

trying to say something that you find what it is you mean."


A collection of images is a visual journey that dives into the world contained in a bowl of miso soup.


This portfolio is available a a coffee table book. Additional information is available on the books page of this website.


A collection of images of tree trunks. Flowers are beautiful and that was my initial attraction, but I loved discovering this body growing on the side of this tree. I began to look at tree trunks. What visual metaphors are suggested by their shape?


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